Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Run around the block

After my three-mile jog on Saturday, I think the toughest thing looking back was the mental part of the run. It's tough to run knowing that you have to cross the finish line 12 times. It would be nice to have a clear starting and end point, and even if they were the same one, it would be nice to cross it just once, at the finish line.

Thanks to the WalkJogRun site, I've devised a 2.25 mile run that starts at my doorstep and finishes at my doorstep. But it's the distance around my entire neighborhood. In theory I should be able to run this in about 20-25 minutes or so, so this run would be a good thing to do early in the morning or in the evening, basically whenever I'm not here alone with the girls.

Also, I was worried about being sore after my run and I'm not sore at all. Okay, well, maybe my back is a bit sore but I think that was from Disneyland/California Adventure. I went there on Monday with the girls and we walked all over both parks and I pushed the stroller the entire time.

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