Sunday, April 6, 2008

Interval cardio

As part of my posts here on this blog, I want to describe some of my exercises so they may be of benefit to people. This particular cardio session is my favorite one. No matter the circumstances, it always tests me and always makes it feel like an accomplishment when I finish it.

Here's the breakdown of the 42 minutes:

- 5 minute warm up (usually a 3.5 or so)
- 12 minutes of alternating rounds; 1 minute at 5.5, 1 minute at 7.0, 1 minute at 5.5, etc.
- 3 minutes walking (3.8 or so)
- 6 minutes of alternating rounds, same as above
- 3 minutes walking
- 4 minutes of alternating rounds
- 2 minutes walking
- 2 minutes sprint (8.0 at least)
- 5 minute cool down

The intervals are supposed to help drive weight loss but I've also found that it helps me recover better. When I play soccer, which I go about two or three Sundays a month, I am running as strong at the end of the game as I am at the beginning. This will be invaluable at the Mud Run, as I'll need stamina and the ability to recover.

It also helps me mentally because it's easier for me to get to the next minute knowing I will change it up rather than thinking about reaching the next 10 minutes at a steady pace.

For me the next cardio hurdle will be running outside in the elements. I know interval training will help me for when I take that next step.

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