Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Leftovers (Dec. 11)

My weekly post of leftover stuff. By the way, the concert rocked! More to come on that.

Word Association

Play here.

1. Hotter :: Oven
2. Negotiator :: Spacey
3. Crimson :: Tide
4. Loses :: Weight
5. Tide :: Water
6. Alan :: Name
7. Fool :: Gold
8. Pink :: Color
9. Palm :: Tree
10. Lipstick :: Gel

You remember the movie The Negotiator? If not, you'll never guess who was one of the stars... I don't know anyone named Alan, so that didn't jar any last name combination. And for Hotter, I thought a bit later that a good one would have been Parry, but I guess since I baked some muffins on Thursday morning the oven was on my mind.


Guess what we did about a week ago?

We waited in line for 90 minutes to get some stuff squirted up our noses. Okay, it wasn't just any stuff, it was the H1N1 flu vaccine. The county we live in has been depleted of its regular flu vaccine and I don't know if it's that that caused a massive turnout or the pandemic that is the H1N1 flu but there were lots of people lined up for the vaccine. And it was free too, so you can't beat that.

The girls did okay in line. It's kind of ironic because we do everything we can to avoid long lines at Disneyland, and when we see a line that is 30-40 minutes or longer, we tend to just keep on walking. But we had no choice. Once at the end, though, we didn't get to go on a ride but rather got to have some syringe fun. Yvie didn't bat an eyelid when it was her turn but Kennedy went from calm to sobbing in about two seconds when she realized what was going on. I'd tried to explain it to her but maybe that wasn't soothing enough ("You can either get a shot or have a spray in your nose, and I don't think you want the shot"). Actually, I don't think the shot was an option for them, but they didn't know that.

So now we're all vaccinated and that's one less thing we have to worry about. The girls still have to get one more round of the vaccine but they'll be okay. And we won't have to wait in line for 90 minutes.

More Miles

This weekend is going to be tricky. I have a 12-mile run scheduled for Sunday. The only problem is, I have something to do early Sunday so I can't go to the Loper meeting/run, which is disappointing. But that also means I have to do the run alone. That's not a big deal, really, but finding the time could be.

I will have plenty of time on Saturday morning, except I have a tripleheader of games to referee on Saturday, starting at 1:20 p.m. They are varsity games, which means I will have a partner, and that means I won't be the only ref out there and I could potentially get away with a little less running. Three varsity games is a lot less running than three JV games, and two of the games will be on a turf field so it'll be easier on my feet.

I could get up early on Sunday morning and get the run in, but then I'd be up against the clock and I might feel rushed. And if there's something I can't stand, is when I feel rushed. So that might be a horrible mental obstacle I throw myself. But that's probably my best option. I'll just get up at 5:30 like I usually do on Sundays except instead of getting in my car and driving to Loma Linda, I'll just get my stuff together and go on a run.

Oh yeah, and the best part is that it's supposed to rain all weekend.

LB's Song of the Week

Lately, all we've been listening to is Christmas music. We have songs in the stereo at our house, on my iPod which we plug into a radio for the girls and through our Sirius radio and CD player on our car. It's not exactly overload because I figure I get 12 months' worth of music in about a five-week span.

But when I stow the Christmas music away for another 11 months, we'll get back to enjoying our beloved songs once more.

Like this one. I was never a Lisa Loeb fan but she released a children's music CD and the songs I heard from it were really good. I've been meaning to buy it for Yvie because she likes them.

I don't think this song is on there, though. But we bought this song on iTunes and enjoy it.


Willoughby said...

You were lucky to get the H1N1 vaccine. They have run out of it around here. We got letters from the health department through the school district saying they had a clinic scheduled for free shots (school age kids only, no adults), but then cancelled it the day after we got the letter. When I heard that, I threw the letter away. Now I understand that if you didn't sign it and return it, your children won't be able to get the vaccine when they get more. Nice, thank you health department!

Jephy's Mom said...

The H1N! vaccination program has had so many problems. The wait for the vaccine, the line ups, and people jumping the queu are just some of them. I'm really glad that so far this pandemic has not been as serious as they were expecting. just like SARS showed us how unprepared the health agencies were to respond to a large-scale outbreak of a deadly virus this scare gives us the chance to work on improving the vaccination plan before the next virus comes along. Even so, I am terribly sorry for the people who have lost their lives to H!N1.

P.S. This weeks children's song has been my favourite so far.

5thsister said...

I hate that there have been problems with the vaccination getting to where it needs to go. Government bureaucracy at work, I guess.

Oh, LB...I have a giveaway on my blog that might be of interest to your girls!

Raoulysgirl said...

We got very lucky here. Tacha got her vaccine at a clinic they held at school (shot). Raouly, Isi, my mom, and I were able to go to the county health department and get ours (shot too) for free. No one had to have the nose spray gunk...and Isi didn't shed one tear when she got her shot! She and Tacha both have to have a second dose...but I'm not worried since the first went so smoothly!

Zoƫ said...

Aw, vaccines are never fun. But at least they didn't need to get the shot. You've run in the rain before, LB! You can do it again sunday. :)

(Cute song, btw)
Have a great weekend!

Lisa said...

So do you guys have any side effects from the vaccine or do any of you feel ill? My two kids got the H1N1 shot yesterday. I was on the fence about it but went ahead and did it. My son has been complaining of a cough and headache today but it could be residual stuff from a cold he had. I hope so. my daughter seems fine thankfully.

L.B. said...

No, none of us had any side effects at all. I was worried it was going to throw off my running but I felt nothing afterward. Neither did the girls feel anything or react negatively.