Saturday, December 12, 2009

What are you doing or what did you do pass the time Saturday afternoon?

It can't be as bad as my day :)

I'm in my car, getting ready to brave the rain. I will referee not one, not two but three high school girls soccer games, one right after the other.

Its coming down pretty good right now. This isn't a sprinkle or off-and-on rain. The rain drops are fat and plentiful, and the sky is gray. It's 1 PM here and the lights are on at the field because visibility is difficult already.

At least it is a synthetic turf field. But still, I'd rather be indoors and doing something else.

Oh, the things we do to pay the bills...


5thsister said...

I am so sick of the rain! Here in NC we don't have dirt. We have red clay. And when it rains the stuff gets tracked EVERYWHERE. And Daisy likes to dig in the red clay mud. Grrrrr!

Let us know how you fared. Do they ever call soccer on account of rain?

Lisa said...

Ugh, that doesn't sound fun. We haven't had much rain up here and we need it and since I'm not running at the moment I don't mind it ;)

Amanda said...

Well this AM I was running in it and even through mud as the course the race had laid out was trail/paved trail. Totally unexpected, but thought of you as I high-kneed it out of the mud :)