Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Leftovers (Dec. 18)

My weekly hodgepodge post of leftover thoughts and thwarted blog posts.

Word Association

Ah yes, the Leftovers are kicked off once more by Word Association. Play here. Let's see how this goes:

1. Up :: Down
2. Scram! :: Beat it!
3. Smell :: Yucky
4. Belong :: Part (of)
5. Doug :: Cartoon
6. Collar :: Shirt
7. Squirrel :: Kenna
8. Chinese :: English
9. Tracker :: Stats
10. Apartment :: Rent

If you don't know about number 7, well now you know Kennedy's nickname.

C to the W to the Y

Sunday is going to be a busy day for me and for this blog. Sunday kicks off the Muddy Runner Dirty Dozen, the countdown of this blog's 12 best posts of the year. Also, Sunday I'm running my longest run ever (again) and I will update you with that.

But also we shot an episode of Cooking With Yvie earlier this week. I'm excited about it because we were able to squeeze it into our busy schedule. So come back often on Sunday to check out this trusty blog.

Also, with the 20-miler, on Sunday I have a busy schedule on the personal front as after the run I'm going to have to attend two Christmas get-togethers. So while I will update you on my run as soon as I can (probably from my cell phone), the details and all that will have to wait. But I will write a run recap of it since it'll be a special run and one that's eaten away at my stomach all week.

Christmas Cards

I sent out a batch of cards this week to some of my awesome readers. If you want a card and a picture or two from yours truly, let me know and I'll get one out to you stat. Just e-mail me: buenodad (at) gmail (dot) com.

Not In Season

I've been a bad Disneyland Annual Passholder. Actually, technically, I am not a Disneyland Annual Passholder anymore. Saaaaaaad!!! Our passes have expired.

However, all is not lost my friends. Yvie and Kennedy are APs as their grandma (my MIL) renewed their passes for Christmas. So now Mrs. LB and I simply need to do the same, at a costly sum.

Still, even though we will renew, we did not get to participate in the Christmas season at Disneyland this year. It's actually a bit depressing because it's so much fun at Disneyland at this time of year.

Next week, I am going to bring you some of that Disney cheer right here on my blog. We got to take in the awesome Christmas parade last year and I took plenty of pictures, so keep an eye out for that post coming next week. For now, I wanted to whet your appetites a bit with a couple of pictures from the parade, and our trip to Disneyland last December.


The Disneyland Christmas tree is huge. It touches the sky and dwarfs the girls and everyone else who stands next to it.

This is one of the floats in the parade, Santa's Toy Factory. The toys start up front with Geppetto manning the float. Geppetto is the "Building Department."

Then, the toys go to the "Painting Department" and the "Wrapping Department" stationed by Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio, respetively.

And then, out the back come the toys, all assembled, painted and ready to go under some lucky child's tree.


After the parade, we were lucky enough to go to Pixie Hollow. We took in the parade right across the entrance of Pixie Hollow, and there was no line there when the parade ended so we quickly made our way to the entrance and didn't have to wait in line very long (usually it's a 40-minute wait, minimum). The girls got to take their picture with Tinkerbell.

LB's Song of the Week

This is a pretty cool band. The Jimmies sing about a lot of different stuff, and while the girls love their song Peanut Butter Polka this one isn't bad either.


Jephy's Mom said...

Thanks for the Disney post. I needed some warm, happy thoughts right at that moment.

The Jimmies aren't bad. They've definitely got the best video so far. I wasn't aware there were so many options in children's music until you started posting them.

Lissaloo said...

That tree is awesome, it sounds like you have a busy busy weekend. I am looking forward to Cooking with Yvie :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

We watched a special on TV about Christmas at Disneyland and I thought "I wonder if LB goes at Christmas?"; too bad you missed it this year.

Kerrie T. said...

Five years ago, me and Mr. T went to Disney World for Christmas (in-laws live in FL). It was the best thing ever! I loved it and can't wait to take T Junior. It's funny, I grew up going to Disneyland about once a year and we never went at Christmas. We were missing out!

Good luck Sunday. It's only two more miles than your 18-miler! Two miles?! That's nothin'! :)