Monday, December 21, 2009

Muddy Runner Dirty Dozen: No. 11

Okay, back to the Muddy Runner Dirty Dozen.

I introduced my daughter, sous chef and aspiring chef Yvie to my readers with this post.

On a quick aside, I didn't have a whole lot of time this weekend to do much of anything. I have the episode all shot but have to edit it together and do all that good stuff. So when I get to that episode together, I'll have it ready for you to watch.

Until then, here's number 11 on the countdown.

Originally Published May 3

Savory Sundays: the TV show!

Okay, maybe it's not quite Food Network-ish but we took a different spin on the Savory Sundays feature this week.

I've been having problems trying new recipes lately; actually have been stuck in a bit of a cooking rut, making the same dishes over and over again. Not that there's anything wrong with that - the Chorizo Tortas I made on Thursday were fantastic - but I can't exactly show you how to make the same thing twice now can I?

So I had an idea. I figured I'd put my budding Giadas in front of the camera and have them explain how to make Marinara Sauce. Actually, Yvie was pretty much the only one interested in showing off her hosting skills as Kenna went in and out of frame, so I named this show Cooking With Yvie.



5thsister said...

I love "Cooking with Yvie"! Yes, definitely in the top dozen!

5thsister said...

P.S. I gave you a shout out over on my blog!

Jephy's Mom said...

I'm not sure the other Dirty Dozen will be but I expected Cooking with Yvie to be closer to the #1 spot. I love when she makes an appearance on your blog.

L.B. said...

This was one of the posts I'd neglected to include when I made my first sweep, so when I went back and realized my mistake, I'd already started ranking the others and this somehow was left at 11. It probably should have been higher, but it's been so sporadic of late and inconsistent that if I actually did it every week I might have ranked it higher.

Yvie does however make another appearance on the countdown, and that also might have influenced this too.

Raoulysgirl said...

I was hoping there would be a "Cooking With Yvie" on the countdown!!!

ChristineM said...

We love Cooking With Yvie! Hope to see many more episodes in 2010!