Friday, May 8, 2009

Deep breath now

I wanted to run a 10-miler on Saturday. I decided that while I was running at the gym earlier this week.

I've not gone back since as my motivation has waned. As I mentioned before, I've gotten.. well, not complacent, that's not the right word, but rather a bit.. unmotivated. Like I said, I like races and I like to train for races and such, and without a daunting challenge like a half marathon I'm just not as motivated to train.

But that will end. Grrr!

(That was my attempt to rile myself up. I admit, it was kind of flat)

Well, I am actually going to start next week. I may try and get in some workouts this weekend, maybe at least one run or something, but on Monday I will finally, FINALLY plan out some sort of gym routine and workout that will help me train for the Mud Run.

I think once I sit down and try to figure out what I need to train and come up with a plan, I'll probably feel better. When it comes to training, I need a plan. I need to have something to train for. I mean, I don't need it to survive but it certainly gives me a sense of purpose.

I guess this also means that I'll have to figure out a race after the Mud Run. I might sign up for the Camp Pendleton 13.1 Marathon after all, but since that's not until mid-September I might also look for a 10K in July or August. We'll see. I'm guessing there will be several to choose from somewhere here in Southern California.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Expect to see some sort of detailed (or semi-detailed) training plan at the beginning of next week. I've officially set myself up here to fail, I mean, succeed. No going back on my word now!


(still flat)

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