Thursday, May 7, 2009

Putting off work, temporarily

Yes, well, unfortunately I'm putting off doing some unpleasant work so I reverted back to the old laptop before diving headfirst into said task. Just some random thoughts that have been floating around this morning as I pick up the house.

* I don't have a half-marathon to train for so I've suddenly got more time to do actual housework. Great. I think I need to see if there's a half-marathon in late May or early June I can train for.

* Well, I do have the Mud Run to train for but I haven't sat down to plan out a training regimen for that yet. I need to, but even still that's not until June 13. I'll probably need about a good three or four strong weeks of some tough training for that, and the start of that period is still a ways away. So yeah, I'm not motivated to go out and run. Plus, the house was bugging me.

* What is it about laundry that I despise so much? That's my Herculean task. I have a dry load in the basket that needs to be put away, a dry load in the dryer that needs to be put away and a load in the washer that needs to go in the dryer. And I'm dreading all that. Oh, and that's not to mention the dirty clothes in the respective hampers around the house. Argh.

* I don't actually do laundry since I was relieved of those duties. Why? I'd start loads and let them sit in the dryer or washer for a day or two and that would really irritate Mrs. LB. So she relieved me of my duties, which is fine since I had long ago relieved her of any cooking/baking duties. I do help put clothes away, I'm not a total laundry flake, but I still friggin hate it.

* Why can't my daughters pick up their pajamas? They always leave them out in the living room and I get tired of telling them to pick them up.

* Why can't my wife pick up her shoes?

* Why can't I pick up my underwear? Ah well, I guess we all have stuff we leave everywhere :)

Okay, off for laundry duty. Wish me luck.


5thsister said...

I'm laughing here. I hate laundry, too and my hubby is the one that leaves his shoes everywhere!

Raoulysgirl said...

ARGH!! I, too, hate laundry! I also hate feet. My husband has a terrible habit of using his right foot to push his sock off (this helps if you have talon toes) and vice versa. Which leave the socks in a little bunch...which I (with my foot revulsion) absolutely REFUSE to "unroll"...and now my girls are starting to do it. I'm going to go on a "white load strike" if it keeps up!!!

thrasherswife said...

Laundry - yuck... dusting, even yuckier... I put off both as long as I can!!