Monday, May 11, 2009

Random musings

Just had some random stuff I felt like getting out.

* My workout went... well, it went. I did an upper body workout and I didn't really enjoy it. I exerted a lot of energy and hopefully it will pay off. I also did core. I did bridges, and they blew. I was in pain.

* I found The Polar! It was underneath a pile of clothes! I'm happy :)

* Yvie lost her first tooth - literally. She's had a loose tooth for a bit now and this morning it was gone. Of course, she didn't realize that until we went to brush teeth. We can't find it. I am really hoping she didn't swallow it. We had muffins for breakfast and I asked her if she noticed if she'd had an extra-crunchy muffin but she said no. We're going to have to figure something out for the tooth fairy to take.

* I made my first cheesecake! I didn't take any pictures of it though so you'll have to take my word. Maybe it'll be featured on an episode of Cooking With Yvie sometime soon.

* My blog buddy Willoughby is into candle holders apparently so that inspired me to snap a picture of one of our more unique ones.

I'm not sure where we got it. I am almost certain it was in Mexico somewhere but not sure if it was in Ensenada or during a trip down into the central part of the country. It hangs outside and we use it, well, not really at all but it's a great decoration. We like suns. I'm pretty sure that's the original color too. I think it was meant to be outside.

* And this is what happens when you fall asleep while on the laptop:

You wake up to a screenful of Ks.


Lissaloo said...

Congrat's on the cheesecake! Maybe the tooth fairy will take a note :)

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Tell Yvie the tooth fairy found the tooth and took it already, and slip some cash with a note from the tooth fairy explaining the confusion under her pillow. Oh, and sprinkle a little glitter on it, my daughter loved finding "fairy dust" on her money :)

5thsister said...

For a moment there I thought you were knocking KS (Kansas) but I put on my glasses and can now see the k's for myself. Too funny. Tats has a great tooth fairy idea. Our old dentist used to have a phone number to dial to reach the tooth fairy (his wife). The kids were thrilled!

Willoughby said...

LOVE the candle holder!

My daughter lost one of her teeth (swallowed, I assume)and we told her that the tooth fairy knows when teeth are going to fall out, and that a stop to our house was already scheduled. No tooth needed. We must have been right because she did stop by that night!

Can't wait to see the cheesecake demo!