Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fartlek-ing All Over The Place

Just leaving the gym as I'm on my way to take Kenna to preschool. I had about 35 minutes to get in some sort of workout so I had to choose wisely.

Weights were out since I had a bad experience because of them. After lifting Thursday, I was too sore to run on Saturday. So, I ran a fartlek run. Its like intervals except you don't walk at all. I ran at a 6.0 for about seven minutes, then ran at 7.4 for about four minutes and back down to 6.0 and so on.

It was a good workout as my HR scraped the 190s. I really want to run a 10-miler on Saturday so this was a good start.


5thsister said...

Fartleking...there's a drug for that, right? In all seriousness it sounds pretty heavy duty.

tahoegirl said...

leave it to a fellow runner to tell you you are fartleking! i, too, like to fartlek (?) but not as speedy as you. :o)