Friday, May 8, 2009

A little gun shy

I posted a picture yesterday of a recent trip to Disneyland Resort. We went on Mrs. LB's birthday, which was Monday. She turned.... uh.... a year older.... and as a season passholder we got a gift card for $69, which is nice. This year, their promotion is you get in free on your birthday, and since we obviously don't need that, we had a choice of something else and she opted for the gift card. We'll probably use it to pay for someone's ticket so the girls can take someone to the park in the summer months.

Anyway, Kennedy and I separated from Mrs. LB and Yvie, and Kennedy of course had to use the restroom. I like it when she waits for inopportune times to need to use the bathroom.

It was the first time since the crazy library incident a week ago, and I have to admit I was a bit gun shy. Usually, I go into the bathrooms with the girls with a mix of anger, focus and determination. But this time, as I walked into a men's bathroom, I was apprehensive and kind of half-expected someone to say something to me.

Nobody did, of course. It's funny how many times I've gone to bathrooms at the Disneyland Resort, how many people I've walked passed, shared bathrooms with, and nobody said anything to me.

I think the only time I ever got flak for a bathroom visit at DCA was when I went into a women's bathroom. But that was an accident. I swear. That's a good story actually but I'll have to save that one.

Anyway, I was thinking of bathrooms and libraries because I may go to the library later today. Our books from last week arent' due but I may go anyway. It's a good way to spend an afternoon.

I like the library. I like exposing the girls to books and reading. I want them to develop and foster a love of reading, of books and I want that to be present at an early age. And really it is since my girls love to read books. Well, they used to like to flip through books and say stuff, but now Yvie can actually read the words on the page.

It's actually kind of always been like that around here.


Willoughby said...

Very cute! I started getting my kids interested in books when they were really little, too.

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

My mom always took us to the library, and now I do the same with my kids. It's free, fun and educational; does it get any better?

Raoulysgirl said...

I think that one of the MOST IMPORTANT things that we can do for our children's education is inspire a love of reading!!! My girls LOVE to read (of course, the Mouse just "pretends") and libraries are awesome outings!!! Kudos for not letting the library #$%&* spoil it for you and the girls!!!