Friday, May 22, 2009

Mud, mud everywhere

Three weeks from Saturday is the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. I'm excited for it, but I can't really focus too much on it right now since I'm going to squeeze a trip to Costa Rica from now 'til then. I suppose once I get back home I'll be more amped up for it. Yeah, I can feel the butterflies right now just thinking about it.

Although I won't have an opportunity to run in another Mud Run down in Camp Pendleton until 2010 (and really I think I'm going to make that race a yearly thing), there will be chances to run in other local Mud Run races.

On July 18, there is the Orange County Mud Run, down at the Hidden Valley Park in Irvine, Calif. Not sure where that is but it's near the 5 and 405 freeways (which means nothing to my out-of-state readers!). Apparently that's the first year for the race so participating in it might be fun and a unique experience. There are 4,000 slots open for that race, and unlike the Camp Pendleton one they offer a 5K as well as the 10K course.

But there's one even closer to me out here in the IE. The San Bernardino Mud Run is slated for Sept. 12 up here in San Bernardino. It's actually over by Glen Helen, a popular place for concerts (where I saw Rage Against the Machine in the summer of '07!). That one also has a 5K course to complement the 10K course, and even offers a 1K, which would be enough to get your clothes sopping wet with mud.

I really want to do both of the other Mud Runs. The latter has some awesome pictures from last year's event and they look awesome! And if I do decide to do the Marathon, I don't think it would affect the training regiment too much, if at all.

Well, my race calendar officially has one race on it - the Camp Pendleton Mud Run - but I could realistically run a race in July (OC Mud Run), two in September (SBSD Mud Run, Camp Pendleton 13.1), one in October (Long Beach Marathon) and another in November (Mission Inn).

Sounds like a fun calendar!

Now I just need someone to finance it.


thrasherswife said...

LOL - it's ALWAYS the money... man... if only it DID grow on trees!!!

Lissaloo said...

The new header is nice :)

Willoughby said...

Sounds like you've got a lot going on. I hope you're not going to be too busy to blog!

Will you be posting pics of Costa Rica? I've never beent there, but I've heard it's beautiful.

L.B. said...

Yeah, I'm planning on posting some pictures of Costa Rica, probably when I get back. I'll still be blogging that week and hopefully I'll be able to post some pics.