Monday, May 18, 2009

Motivational Mondays (May 18)

It only takes one.

One time. One run. One race.

When you haven't done something, it seems so daunting. If you haven't ever run before, it may seem like the most difficult thing ever. If you've never run a 10K before, that could seem like a monstrous obstacle.

But once you get out there and do it, it suddenly doesn't seem as bad.

Running your second 10K is not as tough mentally as the first one. And I suspect my second half-marathon won't be as rough as the first one.

See, you give yourself confidence by doing something just once. If you don't think you can six miles, try it and you might surprise yourself. Once that first barrier is out of the way, the rest will come easily. I ran my first race last June and I'm hooked now. I ran the Mud Run in October and worried tremendously about it but now that I did that one I'm anxiously awaiting the next one, on June 13.

I ran the half in April and I'm looking forward to the next half-marathon. I may run the Long Beach marathon, and if I do I know that the next marathon after that won't seem quite as daunting.

So if you're fretting over a certain distance, a certain run, a race, go out and try it and you might surprise yourself.

It's not as bad as you think. Trust me.


Angela said...

Recently happened upon your blog, and I am a beginning runner. I did the couch-to-5k plan and then last Saturday ran my first official 5k in 31:29. I'm 35 years old, and this is the first race I've ever done. I was so nervous about so many things, but I loved every second of it (and I was spoiled by quite possibly the perfect running weather that morning). Considering a 10k next, so I could relate to this post (yes, it does seem daunting, because I really haven't run more than 3.1 at one time). So we'll see how it goes...anyway just stopping by & thought I'd say I'm enjoying reading.

L.B. said...

Hi Angela! Glad you stumbled upon my blog!

Congratulations on the run! Getting that first run under your belt is such a great feeling. It's definitely something you'll remember for a long time.

It's great that you've set a goal of running a 10K for yourself, or at least considering doing so. 10Ks are fun and you'll be quite proud of yourself afterward.

Anyway, thanks for checking out the blog and I hope you'll stick around :)