Friday, May 15, 2009

Radio daze

Being a part-time taxi, I'm behind the wheel a lot, and many times I'm chauffeuring my daughters to and from school or the library or somewhere else. To keep them entertained, I started listening to the children's music station on Sirius Satelite Radio. Of course, I got Sirius in 2006 to listen to Howard Stern and to expand my musical choices, but they are the ones who listen to it the most.

Anyway, the girls got a mention on the radio yesterday! It was pretty exciting for them. Their favorite radio show is The Absolutely Mindy Show, which starts at noon on weekdays. So usually when I'm picking Kennedy up from preschool, we're listening to it. On Thursday we went to Disneyland right after getting Kennedy from school and since I had planned the trip ahead of time, I figured why not send in a request for a song to the girls' favorite show. So I did, on Wednesday night, and when we were close to getting off the freeway, Mindy said hi to the girls.

She said she was going to Disneyland with Yvie and Kennedy from Riverside, Calif., and that she was so excited! Yvie, of course, mistook it at first and thought Mindy was going to be there in person but I told her to keep listening. She was so happy to hear her name on the radio. It's funny because she's often asked me if she could "call the radio" but never tells me why. I've called to request songs before but I just figured why not go the next step and see if they can give her a shout out, and they obliged. They even played the song I requested, one of the girls favorites - Hoedown Throwdown by Hannah Montana. Yeah, kinda sad for me that I am quite familiar with that song but I couldn't name you most of the new rock songs that are out right now.

Kennedy was knocked out so she sadly didn't hear her name mentioned but Yvie told her all about it the second she got up. Yvie talked about that throughout our stay at Disneyland, which was quite enjoyable since there weren't too many people there. May is a good month to go since the weather is good and the crowds are manageable. The post-Spring Break and pre-summer month is ideal, really. Our longest wait in line was probably 15 minutes so we got on lots of rides.

They took a picture with Mindy. Okay, they didn't really and if I tell that to Yvie I'll confuse her even more, so work with me here. Mindy says she has a lot of "invisible friends" everywhere, so she's right there in between the girls.

So that was a great start to the afternoon for the girls. And for me. No cardio yesterday but I got a ton of walking in.


Lissaloo said...

That is so fun, way to go Dad :) My kids love to listen to the xm kids channel in my dad's truck. I need to get one, they have alot of fun kids songs on there :)

5thsister said...

How wonderful is that! Good Daddy!

thrasherswife said...

ah sooo cute... she'll never forget this day!