Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lake Powell Pics

Well, we're back in SoCal, back home. Our family vacation lasted about three days, and while that's not the longest time, Mrs. LB is off work this week and we'll have time to spend together as a family.

A few pictures from the lake...

This was right before we got to the lake on Sunday. We'd been in the truck for about eight hours and I'd driven about five of them. I was beat. I actually was sad that I didn't get to run with the Lopers on Sunday. We left our house at 6 am and usually at 6 am I'm driving over to Loma Linda to run with the Lopers. I missed out on a six-miler... but I ran a wonderful six-miler in Arizona on Monday that I'll have to blog about later.

Anyway, check this out:

Guess who that is being ultra-adventurous? Yup, that's Yvie in mid-air. Those swim classes she took were great. She never would have been willing to try this jump otherwise. Of course, she has on a life jacket and we wouldn't let her jump without it, or be without it period (except on the shore) but her desire to be in the water has increased significantly. Mrs. LB told me afterward that while Yvie was about to jump and in the the air, Mrs. LB's stomach was in knots and she was short of breath, kind of like a mini-anxiety attack. Not me. I was too busy taking pictures.

And remember the raft thing I blogged about?

Guess who is in the middle crying? That would be Kennedy. She was terrified! We weren't even going that fast and there was little chance of her falling off. But that didn't matter. I guess Mr. Toad's Wild Ride didn't properly gear her up for Ms. Kenna's Wild Raft Ride. She cried almost as soon as the boat pulled away. Yvie enjoyed it, though.

I've got more pictures and may post some later. The girls enjoyed the lake and with any luck they'll be swimming fully on their own and will be looking for bigger cliffs to jump from in 2010.


Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

Go Yvie! That's amazing, there's no way my daughter would jump like that. It looks like you all had a pretty good time, I've been trying to convince everyone in my family to go to a lake or camping, but no one is interested.

ChristineM said...

What fun! Yvie's braver than I am! Kennedy probably is too! ;) Beautiful family!

Lissaloo said...

Fun,looks like a great trip. Kudos to Yvie, there's no I would be jumping off there :)

Willoughby said...

It looks like you had a great vacation! Yvie must be brave, that looks like a pretty big jump!

My son did something like that when he was about 4. We were joking around and told him to jump off the dock, never thinking he'd do it. He took a running start and leapt right into the river. After that, we couldn't get him to stop!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Awwww....even though it is sad that is she is crying, that is a really funny picture.

Gracey said...

Way to go, Yvie! It looks like you all had much fun (even Kennedy, despite the crying)!

I am sure Kennedy will become more adventurous in the future. She just needs her time.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful family pictures, LB!