Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trip Wrapping Up

My trip to Mexico is all but coming to an end. I'll be flying out in the wee hours on Friday morning. I spent the first few days around the game, doing my freelance work. Thursday was my only real day to see the sights and since one person from our group was sick, we had to stay nearby.

We visited the National Museum of Anthropology and that was fantastic. If you're not familiar with it, this has all the artifacts from the rich-in-history civilizations of pre-Columbian Mexico.

They have many, many awesome displays, and we actually only traversed less than half of the museum (you could go two or three times and not see everything) but we saw lots of the Aztec and Mayan cultures.

And I had my picture taken with this. I think this might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

That's the Aztec Calendar, which I actually learned that the name is sort of incorrect as it was referred to as the Sun Stone. Regardless, I had my picture taken next to it. Just to think of all the history behind that, how famous that is and how inspiring it is and has been to millions of people throughout history... just a bit overwhelming.

Anyway, I'll post more when I get back to the States. It was good to have stayed an extra day but it's also nice to know that I'll be with my family at this time Friday.


5thsister said...

That is a great photo! Oh, and job well done, btw...enjoyed reading your articles about the soccer match.

Willoughby said...

That calendar is amazing! I'm guessing by the size that each household did not have it's own calendar.

Have a safe trip home!

Amanda said...

That picture makes me nervous for some reason lol. Have a safe flight!

Angie Eats Peace said...

Awesome picture!