Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiz Answers

Thanks to everyone who participated in the quiz. I hope you enjoyed it whether you took the challenge or not.

Here are the answers.

1) B. The orange flag is for water skiers or wakeboarders, anyone who is outside of the boat. Kennedy was playing with the flag before we took off.

2) B. I was trying to catch a fish, mostly to amuse the girls.

3) C. I was looking for lizards but saw a lot of seashells. Kennedy liked the seashells.

4) A. Everyone was set to jump in off the rocks and I really didn't want to. I eventually did. And that bikini clad girl is my sister in law! I do NOT have eyes for her :)

5) C. Yvie totally loved trying to water ski. She really does want to try it again. Hopefully she can do it next time we go.

6) A. Yvie jumped in. She hesitated but decided to do it. She was proud of herself!

7) C. The water right around there was around 160 feet. That doesn't really scare the girls but it freaks the crap out of me!

Thanks again for playing along at home. Amanda and thrasherswife each got six right! Rock on!


5thsister said...

Wow! That's one deep lake! I've enjoyed your photos on FB, BTW. You and your lovely family looked like you were having a blast!!!!

Amanda said...

Woo Hoo! :) Your girls are so cute by the way and my 3yr old son is a big fan of her cooking show.

Gracey said...

I enjoyed this quiz very much! I didn't submit my guesses in time, but I DID play along! I am glad you all had so much fun!