Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Food Moments

I've got about 10 pounds or so to lose. I started seeing my trainer and found that out, and wasn't really surprised. But I think my eating habits have been better of late and although I haven't weighed myself I feel better and hope things will work out well in the end.

I'd joined up with Kerrie T's Summer of Weight Loss challenge on her blog, and one of the things she posted recently that she wants us to do is to share, or rather confess, what one of our worst eating moments were.

So here I am. I've had dozens of bad eating moments, from getting a full-on fast-food meal at midnight to chowing down my share of ice cream, cookies or other delectable but awful treats. But one moment I'm not too fond of was how I used to spend my mornings. I'd eat Frosted Flakes for breakfast often. Now, in and of itself that's not necessarily an awful moment. There might be better choices but a small bowl of cereal like that from time to time isn't a bad thing.

But my problem wasn't that it was an every-once-in-a-while occurrence. It was daily. And it was no small bowl. I'd have one heaping bowlful of Frosted Flakes. I just loved the texture and the taste and everything about it. Loved it so much that I wouldn't stop at one bowl. I usually had two heaping bowlfuls of Frosted Flakes in the mornings. I'm not sure how many calories that is but it has to be well over 500. I'm guessing maybe even like 800 calories. For breakfast.

*hangs head in shame*

I recently had some Frosted Flakes and they tasted very good. I don't know that I miss the flavor, though, but I certainly don't miss the double-bowlfuls of Frosted Flakes for breakfast every morning.

That seems like such a long time ago. I would share some horrific picture of myself from back then but I did that a few days ago.

I've got to take Kerrie's fruit and veggie challenge. We're supposed to try one new fruit and one new vegetable and blog about it. Not sure what sort of fruit I would choose... veggies... well, I tried to pick up some rhubarb recently but I didn't know what it looked like, so never mind. I might do eggplant. I'm not a big eggplant guy but I might just try it. Either that or cauliflower. I would do something with artichoke but I wouldn't know where to begin.

So perhaps this weekend I'll get to that. Possibly tomorrow, but we'll see.


5thsister said...

Good luck with the challenge. I don't know which fruit or veggie I would do either. I've never had "ugly fruit" so maybe that and I've never tried jicama so maybe I'd go for that. Can't wait so see what you write about!

Whitney said...

If I were to try a new veggie... I'd probably have to try to hide the flavor in something else... like pizza!

Kerrie T. said...

I used to do that with Frosted Flakes after school in Jr. High. Me AND my younger sister while watching reruns of Charles in Charge. But I was so active it did not matter. Couldn't do that now, though, even though I sort of want to after reading this. I looooove FF. Yum.

Robyn said...

Frosted Flakes, or any cereal for that matter, is very easy to eat a lot of. It's so good, and doesn't seem bad for you until the whole box is gone! Totally been there.

Lindsay said...

Awesome, good luck with the challenge!!!

Anonymous said...

Rhubarb is usually found in the "weird fruits" section of the grocery store. Or sometimes next to the celery. It looks kinda like celery without the ridges. And intead of being green, its purple. You want to find stalks that are straight and flat-ish.

Strawberry-rhubarb crunch is amazing. (A crumble/crunch topping has less fat than a cobbler. So less guilt with your weight loss challenge.)