Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Weighing Down, Splits and Other 22-Mile Tidbits

Here are some things that did not make Monday's 22-mile recap

Heavy Load

Once I got to 22 miles, I had a choice to make - either push on through to about 22.4 in order to get home quicker or walk. At 22.08, I stopped to walk. I thought the walk would take me less time than it did, but I walked... well, at first I walked and then I hobbled and I think by the time I got home I was shuffling. Dragging, perhaps.

Anyway, somewhere along on my hobble, I tried to lighten my load. I took off my fuel belt, Garmin, hat and heart-rate monitor strap. After a few moments, I realized something. Those things were heavy.

Maybe it was just me being fatigued and exhausted, and it just felt heavier. But I really do think it was extra weight. I'm wondering if I can cut some of it down.

The thing that felt the heaviest was my hat. I might have to ditch the LB hat and go with something else, something lighter. I really don't want to do that but the hat was drenched. It was dripping with sweat for a long part of the run. I mean, literally dripping, like if you had poured water on it and the drops were just falling off the bill.

I have a couple of weeks to find an adequate replacement for the hat if that's what I choose to do. Right now, the prospect of running with a heavy hat doesn't seem like the greatest but we'll see how the hat feels to me in the coming weeks.

As for the rest of the equipment, the fuel belt is a vital part of my race and ain't going nowhere; the heart-rate strap.... well, I may give that its own blog post. The Garmin is also an important tool.

Cold Came, Vanished

One of the strangest things that happened after my run was the sudden emergence of a cold. Now, it hasn't been the hottest summer - at least not yet - but the weather has been in the mid-80s (about 30 degrees Celsius for my Canadian readers ;] ). Anyway, I haven't had a cold or anything resembling a cold for months. But within 20-30 minutes of me finishing my run, I was all but holding a box of tissues. I had the onset of a cold. It lasted all day.

I'd hoped that a good night's sleep would take care of it but it lingered. I was still using the tissues for most of Monday. Then, all of the sudden, it went away. I don't know when that happened but it's gone. It was the strangest thing. I didn't do too much research into it but I would suspect that my body was quite weakened after my run and I was suddenly susceptible to things such as colds. I guess I'm lucky it wasn't a fever or anything too bad.


I was not concerned with speed (or in this case, the lack of speed) but the Garmin keeps track of my splits for me. Here are the splits. I was all over the place apparently. I do like that my fastest mile was Mile 18, and my second-fastest was Mile 22.

M1 - 10:54; M2 - 10:22; M3 - 10:54; M4 - 10:16; M5 - 10:09; M6 - 10:17; M7 - 11:11; M8 - 10:55; M9 - 10:44; M10 - 10:27; M11 - 10:59; M12 - 10:50; M13 - 10:35; M14 - 10:37; M15 - 10:48; M16 - 11:04; M17 - 10:42; M18 - 9:57; M19 - 10:44; M20 - 11:29; M21 - 11:31; M22 - 10:05.

Pushing Through

I know a lot of runners talk mess about the treadmill, the so-called "Dreadmill." That's fine. I understand the hatred that arises when considering a run on the 'mill. But there are some times when having run on the treadmill makes for a great training tool.

There are moments in races when you just have to get some miles in. Maybe you are running at a fast pace or maybe you are wasted, fatigued, exhausted. And during these miles, all you want to do is to get the miles done.

When you run on the treadmill, that's all you can do - get the miles done. You can't really concern yourself with scenery or trying to maintain a pace on the 'mill. You control the pace so unless you push the buttons to make it go faster or slower, you don't have to worry about staying at the same pace. And you are on the treadmill and aren't going anywhere. The scenery remains unchanged.

You're a bit like a mouse running on a wheel.

That's how I felt at about Mile 19. Thinking "Oh, I'm only three miles away" was of no consolation to me. I just needed to get the miles in and get them over with. I needed to be a mouse on a wheel. I just needed to forget about everything and put one foot in front of the other, and that's what I did. I recovered both physically and, most importantly mentally, and was able to kick into gear for the last mile.

So instead of focusing on my Garmin and thinking things like "Why does this thing not move any faster???" or "Oh my God this sucks, I just want to be done" I was able to just plow through that mileage.

The treadmill helps me get through miles like that. And I know that I will have a few miles like that in San Francisco.


I snapped a picture of myself after the run, mostly so you could see the type of weather that accompanied me along my route.

I tried several times but this is the best shot I got. Ain't great but oh well. I'd just run 22 miles so you'll have to forgive me.

I might have some more to say about this run but I may not. Fo rnow, that's all I've got.


Kerrie T. said...

Great point about the treadmill. So true!

Nice run LB. Wish I had a solution for your hat, but not sure how you'd like sporting a SweatyBand. Maybe a visor?

Whitney said...

Great job on the 22-miler!

I started to laugh when you used the phrase "I tried to lighten my load", as that means something completely different in my family!

I love the ultrasound photos too... but I've mostly kept them to myself, because I've noticed that not every one is interested or even cares.

Jill said...

I actually LIKE the treadmill and have been known to do a lot of long runs on them (planning on one tomorrow). I like it because it forces my pace, I have the conveniences of everything I need upstairs, I can get caught up on a movie ;), but most important...I like how it is a friendlier surface for my heel (which is a mess!!). Anyway, nice job on the 22...I'm impressed with the mile 18 and 22 faster times! One way to look at that heavy load is extra weight for training and when you do the race, you'll be so much lighter feeling! I heard you are doing SF Marathon!!?? I will be there doing the same (provided my heel doesn't revolt before then), we should try to get a blog meetup, perhaps. I will be staying some with Katie A.