Thursday, July 22, 2010

San Francisco Marathon: Tidbits

A few tidbits I wanted to share with you before the big race.

Must-Read: If you want to know more about where the San Francisco Marathon ranks among other marathons and how it stacks up against other 26.2-milers, read this.

I have to admit, that story didn't do a whole lot to settle the old nerves. But then it made me think that finishing this race will be even more of an accomplishment than usual.

Still, any marathon to me feels like it would be an accomplishment.

Anyway, read the story.

One more story about the San Francisco Marathon here. A local columnist wonders if the marathon should get a corporate sponsor and move to either the spring or fall.

Sold-Out First Half: Looks like the only one of the races in San Francisco this weekend is the 1st Half Marathon. I would have guessed that the full marathon would have sold out. But then again, the hills seem to scare some runners off.

So as of Thursday a.m. there are still spots available in the 2nd Half Marathon, the full and the 5K.

Don't Mess With SF: I liked this little tidbit in the latest SF Marathon newsletter:

To maintain the integrity of the finish area for all runners, event officials plan to remove any runners who are not officially registered to run the 1st Half Marathon course before they reach the Finish line. These runners will be disqualified from the event, will not be awarded a time, and will reflect a DNF result (which could affect the ability to get into other certified marathons). Runners will receive a finisher's shirt for the event they registered for but, they will not receive any of the finish area amenities offered at the 1st Half Marathon Finish Line. Additionally, these runners may be barred from participating in future San Francisco Marathon events.

We get the message loud and clear. No switching races.

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Kathrin said...

Good luck for marathon no.2! you will rock SF!