Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another day, another game

I don't necessarily want to turn this blog into Muddy Referee but I do want to update you on my adventures into officiating. I was a solo show today as I had a junior varsity girls game and it went well. I made more calls though I know I missed some calls too. I felt more comfortable and am quickly getting used to officiating.

I know that once I get more games behind me I'll be able to snuff out the fouls quickly. I'll be able to blow a whistle right after contact is made and a foul results from the contact.

I also felt more comfortable running around. I was caught out of position a few times but mostly I was where I needed to be. I did have to sprint the length of the field, well, from one penalty area to the other anyway, and I did so just fine. I kept track of my heart rate again and the first half was a good workout number. I averaged about 152 and got a max of 182 over 42 minutes. The second half I walked more and I average about 144 but still got into the 170s on my max, I believe 174. Pretty good workout, and I enjoyed being able to stretch my legs. I wasn't winded or anything and could have kept running harder. In fact, after the game as I was walking to my car I had the urge to put on my running shoes and run around the track for a mile or three. Of course, I didn't have my running shoes with me or I may just have done that.

I've got games on Wednesday, Friday and a doubleheader on Saturday so there is no rest for the weary.

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