Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good first day

Christmas came and went and so too did my poor eating habits, at least for the first day after Christmas.

I don't log my food anymore. I used to when I had my trainer and that helped but it was hard for me since I would tend to wait to compile my list of food until the end of the day instead of after every meal or snack and I'd forget to do it some days so it was never quite accurate.

Anyway, I'll log my food intake for yesterday here along with calories, if nothing else to prove to myself that I can get back on track in no time.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup coffee, energy bar (250 total)
AM snack: apple (70)
Lunch: Spinach and pepperoni wrap (410)
PM snack: baby carrots (30)
Dinner: Broccoli soup (400), sliced ham (150)
Grand total: 1310 calories

I guess I could have splurged on a cookie or two... That's the benefit of logging your food. If after dinner you realize you still have 200 calories to play with, you can indulge a bit.

So all in all, Friday was a good day both in terms of a workout and food. If I string enough of these good days in a row, before too long I'll be back on track.

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thrasherswife said...

ohhhh you did sooo much better then I!!! I started out well, coffee and a bowl of cereal, then it all went down hill. A small plate of cheese nacho's for lunch (hey, it could have been a big plate) then a half of box of wheat thins with cream cheese and raspberry chipolte sauce. I went small for dinner, I had one little roll with some ham. I was dying for cookies by 9pm, but refused to go through the trash to dig them out!! :) Today is another day....