Monday, December 1, 2008

It's not working

Okay, so my Motivational Mondays isn't working. I'm very, very nervous about the game today. I'm about ready to walk out the door and it feels like I'm marching to my own execution. Pretty unpleasant feeling. The last time I felt this nervous, let me think.... um, can't recall. Usually nerves and soccer are positive - a good nervous caused by a big game or big event or whatever. But when the spotlight is on you, it's not necessarily a great type of nerve to combat.

Some people talk a lot when they get nervous. I apparently blog a lot. Four posts in one day might be a record for this blog. But there will be a fifth as I will come back tonight after all is said and done and recap my day.

I'm a ball of nerves right now. I hope I calm down when I get there and talk to the other official. From what I understand I'm paired up with a veteran referee.

Okay, well, I'm walking out to the gallows right now. Keep me in your thoughts. And if I don't come back alive tell 'em all that I loved 'em.

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Pamela said...

LB, my thoughts are w/ you. I'm not sure that I'll be awake when you get back from the big game, but I'll be sure to check in the morning to see how it went. I truly think you'll do fine..and if you don't then you'll go on. But, I have confidence that you'll make it through...just don't throw up. It's not becoming of a man w/ such knowledge of the game. :)