Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another food journal

Earlier today, I wrote about my first day in the post-splurge recovery program, aka it's-not-Christmas-anymore-so-don't-eat-any-more-cookies. I logged my food from Friday and found out that I had eaten only 1310 calories.

So I'm back at it again today. Here's what I've eaten thus far:

Breakfast - Coffee and zucchini muffin (450 calories)
AM snack - apple and trail mix (200)
Lunch - (I sorta skipped lunched, was reffing... so 0)
PM snack 0 apple and trail mix (200... what, it was good)
Dinner - Haven't eaten it yet but my brother-in-law is bringing us some In n Out since we're watching his 7-year-old daughter for the night... no, it's not a fair trade... but the burger has 480 calories.

If I don't deviate from that, that's 1,330 calories. I've got a few to play with so we'll see how the evening goes.

ADD: well, it didn't go well. They brought me a Double Double with fries. The burger has 670 calories while the fries have 400 calories. I didn't eat all the fries so I have myself a total of 1,020 calories. With the other food I had throughout the day, its a total of 1,870 calories.

I try to stay at or under 1,800 or so, so I went over by a little. Argh! That's what happens when I don't control my meals.

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