Thursday, December 11, 2008

In your face

Just had to share this. Can't say that I've encountered this before and not sure if I would have done anything had I gotten to it. Really, though, that's what number seven gets for trying to interfere with the play.


5thsister said...

Ouch! I know absolutely nothing about soccer. Is this legal?

L.B. said...

Technically, no foul was committed. It would be like a basketball player doing the same thing on an inbounds play and nailing a player who was trying to interfere with the play. The referee should have backed the player away from the sideline as that is considered interfering (which is why the player pretended to fix his cleats and shin guards or whatever he was pretending to do, to make it seem like he didn't realize what was going on) and the ref should have stepped in there. If it were me, I would have told the player quite sternly to back away and if he didn't I'd have given him a yellow card. But he got his medicine in the end.