Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday's jaunt

It felt so good to get on the treadmill and run this morning. Lately, my "workouts" have doubled as soccer games... well, it's actually the other way around. But still, the only running I've been able to get in has been at soccer games. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, I did games last week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and two on Saturday. That's a lot of running (and abuse from parents, but nevermind that).

Anyway, today I reverted back to my usual 42-minute interval run. As I wrote before, this run I use when I've not run in a while and when I need to jumpstart my workouts. It fit the bill pretty good today. I started to record my heart rate after the 5-minute warm up and stopped it a few minutes from the end, and during that time I averaged 161 and got to a high of 186 and burned 510 calories for good measure.

I've got two games on Tuesday and single games on Wednesday and Thursday but I will try and squeeze a run for distance in there at some point. Now that I've got one run under my belt this week, I'm bound to have success later in the week.

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