Friday, December 5, 2008

Stomach's gotta adjust too

Since I started my afternoon adventures on the soccer field, aka officiating, I've had to juggle many things around. I was usually around the house in the mid to late afternoon, handling naps, trying to feign some attempt at cleaning and, most importantly, making dinner. I'd eat lunch around 12:30 or 1 and then dinner would be ready anywhere from 5:30 to 6:30, depending on.. well, lots of things.

Now, that's not an option. I'm getting ready to go out to my latest game and I will be out of the house by no later than 2:30. I figure I won't get home until 5:30, possibly later. Can't cook, can't handle naps, can't do any of that stuff.

While I've been able to make sure my girls are taken care of, I've not quite adjusted to the rest of the new found turmoil. I've still tried to eat lunch around the same time but that hasn't quite worked out. On two occasions this week, I showed up to the game and still felt a bit, well not full but it didn't feel like enough time had passed from when last I ate.

So today, I tried something different. I tried eating more during the morning than I usually do. I didn't have a lot of time (surprise!) so I didn't have a sandwich or wrap or something like I normally do. Instead, I cut some pieces off a block of sharp cheddar cheese and had a baked sweet potato. Again, not the greatest options for an all-around complete lunch but it's something.

I hopefully will be able to show up and feel energized, not hungry, not full, not anything except ready to go. Next week I have four games that start at 3:15, Tuesday through Friday, so I will have to figure out my eating schedule and what kinds of foods to eat. If today works out, I'll try eating sandwiches at around 11 am instead of the 12:30 or 1 option I'd given myself.

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