Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold and wet and harrowing

Gotta love mobile blogging. I'm in my truck right now, listening to some music to pump me up, staring at the cold bitterness that awaits.

I'm about to step onto the artificial turf here at this school near Corona and the weather is not exactly inviting. The rain has been harsh all day and has shown no signs of letting up. There is just enough wind to make it feel a notch or two beneath uncomfortable.

And I get to run around in this nastiness for a couple of hours!

Both teams are already here so any last minute chance of a cancellation is gone. Its just the players and refs now united against the terrible weather conditions.

I can't say for sure but I don't recall any sort of workout or activity I have had in the last couple of years in such weather. Hopefully I can get enough running in so that I don't really feel the cold. If the girls aren't just standing around I think I will be okay.

Regardless, its a bit of a rite of passage. Soccer isn't baseball, where a few drops of rain will force cancellation of a game. We have to do it and I for one am up for the challenge.

ADD: Okay, it's about four hours later. The game was canceled. Can you believe it?After all the time I spent in the truck blogging, psyching myself out, it was canceled. I got a call five minutes before three telling me as much. I went out to the field to talk to the coaches, who had just received the call as well. They were a bit irate. I was too, because I wanted to get the game underway. Apparently the school thought it was a liability to play in that weather. Fine, but they could have made that decision at 10 am; it's not like the storm came from out of nowhere.

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