Saturday, December 27, 2008

What a tease!

A while back, my blog buddy The 5th Sister had asked me some advice and info on intervals and heart rates and all that good stuff. I told her, sure, I'll blog about it because I have this great book about training with a heart rate monitor. I went to look for the book and I looked and kept looking and nothing. I told her I'd blog about it when I found the book.

Well, several weeks (months?) later, I found the book. And the info on intervals. Really good info too. The kind I'd promised.

So am I going to blog about it? Yes, absolutely.

But not now. In a few days. I want to give it the proper treatment so when I have some time when I can be unperturbed, I'll blog to my heart's content about it.

1 comment:

5thsister said...

Not nice to leave a girl hanging Luis! Looking forward to your entry as I'm sure it will be the motivation I need for my post holiday runs!