Saturday, November 29, 2008

Comforting run

I set out to accomplish something this morning and I succeeded. Hopefully it will be the first of many such accomplishments to come.

Yesterday was a waste as far as fitness was concerned. The gym denied me a workout (see previous post) so my fitness plan did not pick up where I had intended it to. But today, I didn't waste my time with the gym. The sun was out but the morning chill had not yet lifted. It was a perfect day to take in a run around the neighborhood, which is exactly what I did.

I took a course that led me up the beginning part of a hill and swung back around the edges of the housing tract where my home is. All in all, it was... well, I haven't checked as of this writing but I'm thinking it was about three miles. It felt great and my body feels great as I write. In fact, I could have kept going and I think I would have been able to run at least another mile, possibly two more, without much problem.

To me, that's a good sign. I had gone about 17 days without running (though I'd biked a few days) before Wednesday's interval run. Thursday I played about an hour's worth of football but it wasn't exactly a grueling workout. So to have the kind of energy I had this morning with relatively little build up time to it was encouraging.

Here are the stats: Time - 30:37; Avg hr - 176; Max hr - 182; Cal - 541.

What's next? Well, if all goes well another similar run on Sunday morning followed with maybe some intervals on Monday morning. Monday afternoon I have my first soccer game (excuse me while I fish out that rock that just fell to my stomach) so I may not run in the morning, but we'll see.

Whatever the case, I really feel as if I am back on track now, and that is very comforting.

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