Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mud crawl: the video

Now, I'm not in the video that I've linked below. I didn't have any supporters with cameras in hand at last month's Camp Pendleton Mud Run, let alone near the mud crawl. But I went through this very spot and did this very thing about a month ago now.

It was near the end of the Mud Run, one of the final challenges before crossing the finish line. It wasn't physically demanding per se, at least not like Slipper Hill or the first two or three miles of running, pretty much all uphill.

But the mud crawl was nevertheless challenging. I remember approaching it pretty much close to being out of steam. I forced my arms into action and dragged myself across this. I remember thinking that I was going super slow but not caring too much because I was moving as fast as I could, or as fast as my body let me anyway.

I managed to get in the way of a photographer's camera and had a couple of good pictures taken of me. But I hadn't tried to look for video of the Mud Run until recently and this was one of the better clips on there, even though it's short.

So check it out.

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