Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Eat Occasionally!

Last week I wrote about a list of foods that, according to the Men's Health Abs Diet, you should rarely eat. Today, I'm writing about their list of foods you should eat on occasion. Now, this list doesn't exactly break down how many times you should eat something on this list but I'm guessing if you had a couple of servings a week that would be okay. While it might be more restrictive than that, I tend to be a bit more lenient on certain things.

Anyway, here's the list:

Eat Occasionally: applesauce, baked beans, baked fries (sweet potato), beef jerky (lean), beer (light), chocolate (dark or milk), chocolate milk, coffee (unsweetened), coleslaw, crackers (whole wheat), cream cheese (low-fat).

I usually make my own applesauce because I like to cook and to me it seems healthier than the store-bought on. Perhaps I could get away with eating more if I make it myself. I'm a coffee fiend so that would be difficult to eat occasionally. However, when I work out I don't drink coffee in the mornings so that sort of helps. With coleslaw, I don't eat it regularly, in fact never have, but I've made it several times recently. I make my own and have had success when I've made it and it doesn't seem unhealthy.

Eat Occasionally (cont): egg salad, dips (low-fat), graham crackers, granola bars, granola (low-fat), guacamole, ham, honey, ice cream (low fat), jam, jell-o (sugar free).

I stopped buying granola bars because of this list. I used to buy a big box of them at Costco but I was going through them quickly and when I saw that I should be eating them occasionally I knew that was not possible. So I just cut them off and instead try and snack on apples or bananas or whatever fruit I have handy. However, I've made some granola bars from scratch and they are highly addictive. Those were supposed to be snacks for my daughters but I have problems staying away from them!

Eat Occasionally (cont): lamb, lasagna, lunchmeat, macaroni, margarine, mayo (reduced-fat), meatball subs, muffins (bran), pasta (white flour w/tomato sauce), pork tenderloin, pretzels, protein bars, pudding (w/low fat milk).

I can't survive without lunchmeat. I eat lots and lots of sandwiches and wraps for lunch and I rely on the lunchmeat. I suppose an alternative would be to cook up some chicken early in the week and use it throughout the week as needed for sandwiches and wraps. I usually have protein bars for breakfast so that would be quite difficult for me to eat occasionally.

Eat Occasionally (cont): rice (white), sauerkraut, soft drinks (diet), sorbet/sherbet, sushi, tuna salad, trail mix, veal, waffles (whole grain), yogurt (frozen).

When we have white rice, I use it maybe once or twice a week so we're set there. I try not to drink too many diet sodas when we have them and try to stick to water but sometimes I'll grab one. If we have trail mix, I usually have problems staying away from it so I don't get it that often.

Anyway, there's the list. I'll check in with the good parts of the list in the coming days.

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