Monday, November 10, 2008


The Mission Inn Run race results are up and I finished in closer to 52 minutes than 53. I ran it in 52:22. I realize that is not a great time if I were a competitor but I beat my goal time by more than two minutes. I wanted to finish under 55 minutes. I knew 50 minutes or under would be too much to ask for, so I thought 55 minutes would be more realistic.

I finished in 293rd place, right behind a 54-year-old, uh, person (Terry something) and right ahead of a 53-year-old woman.

As for the other Buenos, my younger brother finished in 49:54, just a shade under 50 minutes, while my youngest brother ran it in 53:06. Great times for both. Danny wanted to run it in under 55 minutes too and he tore that apart and got under 50. Jesse had never run six miles before and now he has, in pretty damned good time too.

Seeing the results on paper is a bit strange. You put in all the effort and emotion and desire and everything into the race and really, the only lasting tangible things you get are the race bib and the time, and eventually if the bib fades or gets lost, the time is the only thing that stands the test of, well, time.

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