Monday, November 17, 2008

All forms of motivation

Motivation comes in different forms. Sometimes, it's a matter of forcing yourself to get on the machine or out to the track. Other times, a bad day spurns you to run faster, harder and reach that extra mile or minute you didn't think was possible.

But no matter if it's a weight-driven goal or a race you must prepare for, the key to any good workout is to be motivated. If you have motivation, you will do well. I've lived through this and have experienced the highs and lows of motivation since starting my health renaissance two years ago.

Motivation changed and evolved, from losing weight to changing my appearance completely to maintaining to training for races. But motivation also changed from workout to workout. You need to have goals, sure, but you also need to have something to drive you to the end of the workout, something that when you are in mile 2 of a 5-mile run will help you push through and continue on until the end.

I actually have something I say to myself before I work out, something that helps me focus. But something else that helps me focus is, well, myself. Pictures of myself to be more precise. I like my after picture and dread my before shot.

During a family trip to Mexico in 2006, after I'd already lost about 40 pounds.

Over this summer, down to where I am today, around 180.

Maybe it's because I'm starting a new phase in my fitness and workout routines but I need a little bit of motivation to get myself into the right mentality to start off the week. I think once I get to the gym I'll be okay, but I want to ensure that happens.

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Pamela said...

Wow LB! You look great! My top weight was 205 at one point...I can't believe the difference in myself and I bet you can't either! Way to go! :)