Friday, November 14, 2008

Faux health

When trying to get healthy and eat better, ditching cheeseburgers and ding-dongs for salads and turkey burgers sounds like a path to better health.

But it's not.

Several foods that might seem healthy are in fact gut bombs in disguise.

Here's a list of food that according to Men's Health is really unhealthy health food. It's in reverse order, from 14 to one.

Margarine, fish sandwich, dried fruit, pasta primavera, bagel w/cream cheese, yogurt w/fruit on bottom, pasta salad, granola bar, fruit smoothies, turkey burger, chicken wrap, tuna melt, chicken caesar salad, bran muffin.

Probably the most surprising things on there would seem to be the turkey burgers, the fruit smoothies or the respective salads. Nowadays, it seems anything turkey is a better alternative: turkey hot dogs, ground turkey, turkey you-name-it. Although it may indeed have fewer calories than their beef counterparts, the difference is not as great as you'd think. According to, one ground turkey patty(2.9 ounces) has 193 calories while an ounce of pan-friend, 70 percent lean ground beef has 77 calories per ounce.

Of the top 14 I sruggle with muffins the most. Although I don't make bran muffins, I do make muffins every Saturday. Still, thanks to this I won't be in a hurry to make bran muffins.

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