Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Start slowly

While at the gym on Tuesday, I contemplated the treadmill. Actually, it wasn't much contemplating as it was wondering. I wondered when I'd get on it again, and if getting on it sooner would be better than later.

Of course, that was before my great workout. Now, I feel comfortable staying on the bike.

But there will come a time when I have to run again, and when I do will I be prepared?

I came across this article on that talks about getting back into running shape after a prolonged layoff. It doesn't go into detail about how many days constitutes a prolonged layoff, but after having run for so long, 10 days to me seems rather prolonged.

The story suggests to start with some light running to begin with. So a two-minute run followed by a two-minute walk would suffice. Then, add minutes to each run and pretty soon you'll be, well, off and running.

This was actually a bit of my plan. I had planned to run intervals the next time I hit the treadmill. The only problem was my first interval segment was a full 12 minutes of running and asking my body to do that seems like it would be a jolt to the system. I suppose biking hard for a few days or weeks would help alleviate whatever stress may be caused by such a run, but mentally it could still be a struggle.

I plan on resting on Wednesday before hitting the gym again on Thursday and possibly Friday. Both days probably will mirror today, with a bike segment followed by some time on the elliptical. Running will subside, for now.

Actually, until next week. I'll shortly begin a new type of running workout, one that will involve more than a treadmill. What is it? Well, I'll save the topic for another post since I'll need some time and energy to get me through it - the post as well as the endeavor.

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