Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mission Inn pics

When I ran my first race, the Fontana Days 5K back in June, I didn't realize that photographers manned the course snapping countless photos of the race participants. Consequently I wasn't smart enough to make sure that I got into the path of said photographers on the course in order to ensure that I'd have a memento from the race aside from a t-shirt and bib.

So I was pretty disappointed when all I got was a half picture in which I was not the intended target.

During the Mud Run, I was smart enough to scope out the photographers and I had plenty of pictures taken of me.

Now, the Mission Inn Run provides a pair of photos that I may purchase or, at the very worst, put on my Christmas wish list. At least one picture, anyway.

Not sure when exactly this was taken but it looks like it's early on. I checked the bib number of the guy behind me and he finished about four minutes ahead of me, so it has to be during the first two miles. I don't look like I'm enjoying myself very much.

I was pretty much hating life right here. I remember this part clearly. It was close to the finish, probably had about half-mile to go. I came up a hill and my heart rate jumped from 184 or so to 191 in a matter of 10 steps. I was in slow-down-or-your-heart-will-burst mode right here. I also remember seeing the photographer and thinking to myself "Don't look at her. Look straight ahead and hope you get a cool pose." Well, I didn't look at her and did look straight ahead, but I'm not sure this qualifies as "cool." Still, it may be worth the nine bucks or whatever they're charging for a print.

I think if I had to choose one shot it would be the second one simply because there aren't people behind me, people who would end up smoking me.

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