Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Re-living the glory

Okay, well maybe it wasn't too glorious but I did go through an exciting time in my life earlier this year. In June, I ran my first 5K race, which actually was the first race I'd ever ran in my life. I've run three races this year now and each one has been exciting but the Fontana Days 5K was particularly memorable for being the first-ever race.

I didn't want to have the Mud Run as my first race. I figured I'd have enough challenges to overcome during that race, and I didn't want first-race jitters to be part of that. Plus 5K races are fun as I would find out that day.

Anyway, when I originally wrote my 5K recap I had a readership of one. Now that I have a few more readers I thought it would be good to share this story. And mostly I wanted to share it in support of a friend and fellow blogger who will be running in a 5K on Thanksgiving. Knowing how much I put into running a race and knowing the kinds of runs she's done, I know it's both an exciting and anxious time for her. You've prepared well, you've set a goal and now you want to do everything you can in order to reach the goal.

I didn't reach mine, sadly. I was just a bit short. But it's fine because it only makes me want to participate in another 5K so I can beat my time, set a new mark and further challenge myself.

With that, here's a link to my 5K recap.

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