Monday, November 10, 2008

Shots from the Mud Run

It seems that with each passing day I find myself thinking more and more fondly of the Mud Run. It really was an awesome experience and since it dominated much of my thinking for most of this year, I still feel rather empty now that I don't have it in front of me.

But I'll always have memories. Some of them are right here in my hands now. I got these pictures from my brother and I'm finally able to put them on here.

My brother Jesse and I stayed the night in a hotel in Oceanside the day before the race. That explains my excited state as we ride the bus to the start line. I think Jesse is suffering through a mixture of shock, nerves and sleepiness at this point.

Danny in the middle is always trying to show off. However, I beat him by about 14 minutes. Sure, he had promised to run alongside his wife who had never run six miles at once before and runs slow to begin with, but that's not the point...

Here's our group after everyone finished. On the outside are the two who had run the race before and the five in between (those with shirts on) had just ran it for the first time. It's a little hard to tell but all of us are completely dirty at this point, including our dirty brown socks!

I think you can tell the depths of our dirtiness here in this shot. My brother's shirt was white before the race, it looks pale brown and quite filthy here. My socks were white as well, and they look pretty much gray as do my shoes.

And here I am, number 1065.

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