Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Now what?

Although I beat my goal of 55:00 in the Mission Inn 10K, I struggled in the race. I didn't feel nearly as prepared as I did for the Mud Run. I was beat down and wore out at the end of the Mission Inn, more so than the other times I've ran six miles. Now, aside from the Mud Run none of those times came in a race setting.

Part of my problem I think was that my goal was never to run the Mission Inn Run. It really only became something that I'd participate in once I was done with the Mud Run. I probably should have taken a longer break after running the Mud Run than I did and the three weeks between races was not enough time to rest and recover properly and train for another long-distance race.

So now that I'm in full rest mode, I'm going to ponder what I want to make as my next goal. There are a couple of races I've come across that I'm eyeing for 2009 and one I've already decided on going for.

- FONTANA DAYS 2009. This is the biggie for me. I will run the half-marathon here. It's on June 6, 2009 which makes it come during an ideal time of the year. I found a good training regimen for a half-marathon and it requires 10 weeks of training for the race. That puts met at starting to train for the race in mid-March or so. That also fits well with the weather here in Southern California - not too hot to run - and with my work schedule. For some reason, the last three springs have been very kind to me in terms of finding time to work out. So this one's a given, and expect to see lots of posts on this in the coming weeks and months.

- DISNEYLAND 5K: I really wanted to run this one over Labor Day Weekend but it did not work out. I'm all about Disneyland as I've got season passes and go there quite a bit so naturally the Disneyland 5K in 2009 would be a great option for me. I think it would be fantastic to run through the park in a race setting. The Disneyland race weekend featured a half-marathon as well but I would probably prefer to run a half-marathon at the start of the summer than towards the end. The Disneyland Half-Marathon is slated for Sept. 6, 2009. Oh yeah, there's the cost as well. It's $120. But the 5K is the day before and "only" $40. That might be an option, depending on how the Fontana 1/2 marathon goes.

- RUN THROUGH REDLANDS: This one might be an intriguing option for a race in the middle of next spring. The Run Through Redlands is scheduled for April 19, 2009 and features a 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathon. It depends on how running a 5K would fall in line with my 1/2 marathon training schedule but if it does - and I think it probably will - it may be something good to participate. Redlands is a nice town and running the 5K would be a nice way to experience another part of the IE.

- MUD RUN(S) - I'm addicted. After one race, I'm sold on the Mud Run. I'd love to make it a yearly tradition with my brothers. I haven't yet seen any dates but they might hold the race in spring sometime, in June and in October - at least that's what it was like in 2008 and 2007 I believe. I'd probably for the October one again just because it wouldn't interfere with the 1/2 marathon training schedule.

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