Friday, November 14, 2008

No bounce in my step

So now I'm going on five days with no physical activity, unless you count a half-mile walk on Wednesday which I'm not.

Resting after a race is important as I've been told about and read up on proper recovery. The advice varies from resting one day per every mile you run during a race (thus a marathon would require a month off) to 4-6 days for every hour of running. I just decided to shut it down this week in general and will pick up slowly on Monday.

But this time away from the gym has been, well, idle. I've done nothing and I'm anxious to get back to the gym when the time is right. Now, though, I feel like I'm idling and not really contributing much. Working out gives me so much energy and I notice the lack of a bounce in my step when I don't work out. I've been battling fatigue these last couple of days as not working out is taking a toll.

Usually if I don't work out for three days I feel it and this week has been no exception. However, I'm hoping it will pay off with a strong week and a positive start to my next round of workouts.

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