Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rest, again

Day six of my no-workout week has gone like most of the rest of the week, with me longing to workout. But the dry spell will be over soon as I will pay the gym a visit on Monday. And I suppose if I go I should have a plan.

My tentative plan is to spend time on the bike. I will get to know the intimate details of the bike here in the coming weeks. I've not done bike exclusively for cardio purposes since the early days of my fitness renaissance. But lately I have been using it as a way to supplement my workouts.

My plan is to visit the gym at least twice, preferably three times this week. Since I haven't done anything this week I suspect Monday's session will consist of me pedaling easily in an attempt to get my body back in the workout mode.

Part of the reason I didn't want to stop working out altogether was my fear of regression. I worried that I would start from scratch essentially. But I suppose the bike is good in that sense. It is not as physically demanding as running and will give me a mental break from the rigors of running. Also I think I will be able to ease into the routine in a less challenging manner.

I just have to make it to Monday, make it to the start line. But I am oh so close.

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