Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Just how popular is the Camp Pendleton Mud Run?

I found out the dates for the 2009 Mud Runs on Dec. 13 (I remember because I was at a Christmas party). The web site said you'd be able to sign up for all of the Camp Pendleton races of 2009 beginning Jan. 1.

Now, the Mud Run has about 4,000 slots available, and there were races on June 6, 7 and 13 available as well as one on Oct. 17.

The June 6 race had sold out by Jan. 4. The June 13 race, the one I signed up for, sold out earlier today. That's a combined 8,000 slots that were snapped up in less than one week, plus however many have been sold for the other two race days.

I can attest to its popularity. Having ran it just once, I became instantly hooked. I had wanted to sign up for it on Jan. 1 since I feared the worst - having all the slots gone before I could sign up for it - but we ended up doing so on the 3rd.

We've talked about competing in the Oct. 17 one as a team (you can race as an individual or as part of a 5-member team) and I suppose if we are going to do it, we should go ahead and sign up for it now. Otherwise, it might be gone before we know it.

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5thsister said...

Wow! That popular, huh? I guess I better make my decision quick!