Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog biz

I've often brought up different topics based on some of the things I'm exposed to on a regular basis. For instance, I subscribe to Men's Health magazine and will sometimes post something from an issue that catches my eye. I've also referred to my heart rate monitor on many times, and now with my Garmin Forerunner I'll have more and more personal experiences and anecdotes to share.

But I get tired of typing out the same thing over and over again and explaining what it is that I'm explaining. For instance, I usually say something like "in a recent issue of Men's Health" or something to the effect.

I'm introducing some lingo that will help cut that short, so familiarize yourself.

* The Mag: this is Men's Health, so if I say "The Mag suggests" it means Men's Health suggests

* The Book: this is the Competetive Runner's Handbook, which I got a few weeks ago. It's a great resource, but has a long name and then I feel I have to explain what it is every time I bring it up so from now on it's The Book.

* The Polar, or Polar: that's my heart rate monitor. I registered an average of 167 on the Polar means my average heart rate was 167 on my heart rate monitor.

* The Garmin, or Garmin: that's my newest toy, my Forerunner 101. I haven't used the Garmin yet so we'll figure this one out together.

* One other thing... I did subscribe to Runner's World magazine but have to get receive an issue so I may call it The Other Mag or something, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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