Friday, January 9, 2009

Plan of attack

I've been on this fruit/veggie challenge for one day now and I'm already planning out my meals. I think I should be able to hit the five daily servings most if not all days, and those are two important elements of the challenge: to plan your meals out and incorporate fruits/veggies into them.

I just happened to pick up some sweet potatoes at the store earlier this week and then I made a quick trip to the store on Thursday evening so I picked up some carrots to add into the mix. I also got some sesame oil to try this recipe. It looks so good. I have everything else... except the cabbage. Forgot to get that. It says I should poach some chicken but I'm not the greatest at that so I will have to figure something out about that.

As far as today goes, I started breakfast off with a banana and a cup of milk... actually it was less than a cup, I'm guessing .65889 of a cup or so... and then for snack the usual apple. So that was two servings of fruit in my first two meals.

For lunch, I put a half-cup of baby spinach on my sandwich and had a half-cup of cooked and mashed sweet potatoes on the side. It was quite a filling lunch, and I found out that a half-cup of mashed sweet potatoes is satisfying and filling as well.

After I write this I'll be on my way out to a pair of soccer games. I have two girls games to officiate so I probably won't have a true dinner. I will take two apples with me though, one for in between games and one in case I'm hungry after my last game. So I should hit my totals for today. And of course I kept my calories under 1,800. I can't lose track of that.

But five servings of fruits/veggies on my first day... that's a great way to start!

UPDATE: I did have an apple but only one. I wasn't hungry at all in between games so I saved the apple until after I was done with the second game. So all told I had one banana, two apples, 1/2 cup baby spinach and 1/2 cup sweet potatoes while staying under my calorie limit. Again, not bad.

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