Thursday, January 1, 2009

Logging on

Well, I didn't want to commit myself to this but I'm going to log my food for today.

Repeat: for today.

I know if I say I'll do this every day I won't and then I'll just let myself down.

But here goes:

* Breakfast - Zone Energy bar (210 calories, 3g fiber, 14g protein) Coffee (120 cal)

* AM snack - Apple (72 cal, 3.3g fiber)

* Lunch - Wrap w/sliced deli meat - 360 cal
> Wrap (210 cal, 3g fiber, 5g protein)
> Monterey Jack cheese (~60 cal, 4g protein)
> Deli meat (~60 cal)
> Thousand Island dressing (30 calories)

* PM snack - Apple (72 cal, 3.3g fiber)

* Dinner - Turkey sandwich
> Sandwich roll (200 cal, 1g fiber, 6g protein)
> Turkey meat (~100 cal, 21g protein)
> Thousand island dressing (30 cal)
> Coffee (70 cal)

That's what my New Year's Day consisted of. All told, I got in 1,234 calories and 15.6g fiber. I was well under my 1,800-calorie limit for the day but I fell well short of my 25g fiber I'd targeted for the day.

As far as water goes, I wanted to get at least 80 ounces and I'm pretty sure I got more than that. I didn't keep track of the water per se but I was drinking throughout the day and having kept track of it closely in the past am fairly certain that I exceeded the 80-ounce goal.

We'll see what Friday brings. Hopefully I can get in some more fiber grams. I picked up a Fiber One cereal box recently and one serving has about seven or nine grams of fiber so that would be a great way to start off the morning.

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