Thursday, January 8, 2009

Running's getting in the way

...of running.

I meant to go on a run this morning but I'm going to be running a lot this afternoon and especially Friday afternoon.

Too much (soccer) running has slowed my (distance) running. Ugh. Now, I don't think I necessarily can't handle it. I have gone on runs of 3.25 miles on days I had games and found that I was pretty mobile and active during the games so I think the running helps enhance my running.

But running takes time, time that I need for another type of running. I can't really take up time in the afternoon for (soccer) running AND time in the morning for (distance) running when I need to fit in some time for (errand) running. In short, I run so I can't run because then I won't be able to run.

Also, there are those little knocks I take that could become a bigger deal. I'm carrying a tender ankle right now. It doesn't hurt a whole lot, isn't really more than just a slight discomfort, but I'm worried about it. If I take a wrong step, it could go from an uncomfortable pain to knocking me out of commission for a week or two. And since I already have to run (soccer) I decided to scrap my planned 4-mile run for Thursday. Sad.

Now, I don't want to go too long without (distance) running and in fact I may incorporate another type of run (interval) on Friday since I will have less (errand) running to do then.

So then, it would be... I need to run so can't really run but since I don't need to run I might try a run.

Properly confused? Well then, let me try another run. Here I go running from my computer.


thrasherswife said...

this post made me chuckle - but i follow it completely, cause it can be the story of my life as well!!

Daniel said...

Wow. It's hard for me to imagine saying, at some point, in a lackadaisical tone, "Yeah, I have a three mile run planned for tomorrow." I know, however, if I just keep working at doing cardio, even if it's jog-walking that is mostly walking, I can work up to it.

Thanks for the inspiration and I plan on driving some traffic to this blog BTW.

Aquachick said...

(aka LTH)
This is only marginally related to this post, LB, but as you are a soccer player, do you get into EPL at all?

L.B. said...

Daniel, thanks in advance for the traffic!

Aquachick: I love soccer but I don't follow the EPL. As a soccer writer I kinda follow all the leagues in general, I know all the teams and a lot of the players' names and whats going on but I don't follow it like I do MLS or the Mexican league. Just not my cup of tea, although I'm in the minority. You should read my soccer blog at I blog about the beautiful game, mostly MLS, Mexico and the US national team.