Sunday, January 25, 2009

Savory Sundays: Creamy Broccoli Soup

I never used to be a big fan of broccoli. It never looked quite appetizing nor could I really eat it raw; if I ever ate it, it was in a soup. So I can't explain why I first tried this recipe. I never cared for broccoli and I certainly didn't care for broccoli soup but there I found myself interested in broccoli soup of all things.

I think I made a wise choice though. I think deep down inside I knew it was healthy and should be part of my meal plan. I made this recipe for broccoli soup which I found on All Recipes. The first time I made it was sometime in early '08, about a year ago, and when the weather finally started to get cold here I found myself wanting to make it again.

Here is the broccoli before I began dicing it up.

Honestly it wasn't going well. It was taking too long to cut and the pieces were big even after I cut them. So I just tossed it all in the good processor.

I doubled the recipe so I needed five cups of cut-up broccoli. I tossed in a pan with some chicken broth and onions.

Afterward I added milk which had been slightly thickened with flour. I added some cheddar cheese too.

The soup was great and because I had used the food processor I was able to get more broccoli in and the soup tasted quite like broccoli, more so than in my previous attempts at it.

After dinner my wife said I owned that recipe, that I had made it my own. It's safe to say that I never would have I would enjoy making - and eating - a broccoli recipe, but that's the case.


Ange said...

Just seems so easy.

Gonna put this on the list.
My kids actually like broccoli, and we just don't get enough green in our diet these days.

I hope the running's going well.
My knees are feeling weird.
First time I ever used Asics.
I'm one of those strange people who prefer Nikes as running shoes, and might need to go out and get some, just to prove to myself that I haven't screwed up my knees some other way.
Maybe I just need to eat more broccoli soup!

L.B. said...

I couldn't get my kids to eat this. I think they'd eaten at my mom's that day so I wasn't worried about them not eating this. They're 5 and 3 so maybe in a year or three they'll be open to it.

I bought Asics on someone's advice and have liked them from the start so my knees or ankles or shins or maybe even my hips may hurt if I switched shoes too... well maybe not my hips... I guess you get accustomed to something and it's hard to break away from it.