Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fell off the veggie wagon

Well, my streak reached 10 days. For 10 consecutive days I had gotten at least five servings of fruits/veggies, but Day 11 never came. I had all of three servings of fruits/veggies. It was dinnertime and I was well aware of this but I had no vegetables to eat around here, so I sadly did not get to my goal of five fruits/veggies.

It's not quite dinnertime right now - still kinda trying to figure stuff out - but I've already got my five fruits/veggies in - had an apple for snack; spinach, orange and pineapple with lunch and banana for PM snack. So my dinner veggies will be going toward the magical number nine, that is you are supposed to get nine servings of fruits/veggies per day.

Not reaching your goals happens. I got caught without fruits/veggies and was unable to meet my goal. I had meant to get to the store over the weekend but that never happened, so it wasn't a lack of desire but rather just an empty fruit tray and veggie drawer that ruined it for me.

Never fear, though. I went to the store and stocked up. I got apples, oranges, bananas, sweet potatoes and a pineapple. All that should last until the end of the week but if it doesn't, I'll make sure and run out for another trip so I don't get caught again.

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