Friday, January 2, 2009

Another journal entry?

I know, I know... I said this wasn't going to be an everyday thing, but I've fallen into a trap for the second consecutive day.

I kept tally of my food intake on Friday as well, for the second straight day. On Thursday I logged my food and found I had 1,234 calories with a sufficient amount of water. That worked well, forced me to think out my meals and snacks and kept me under my target for the day - although I should have consumed a bit more calories.

So I figured I'd have a repeat performance.

* Breakfast - Fiber One cereal
> cereal, 1.5 servings (270 cal, 13.5g fiber, 4.5g protein)
> 2 percent milk (75 cal, 7g protein)
> coffee (75 cal)

* AM snack - Apple (72 cal, 3.3g fiber)

* Lunch - Turkey sub, mashed sweet pototoes
> Sandwich roll (220 cal, 2g fiber, 6g protein)
> Turkey - (~60 cal)
> Mashed sweet potatoes w/milk, sugar (300 cal, 8.2g fiber, 4.5g protein)

* Dinner - Denny's Grilled Chicken Sandwich (490 calories, 4g fiber, 39g protein)
> coffee - (~30 cal)

Total for the day: ~1600 calories, 31g fiber

The only thing I missed on a day ago was my fiber intake. I was well short of the 25 grams I liked to get on a daily basis. So I started the day off with a 13.5-gram dose of fiber. Now, I'd planned on snacking on apples for both my AM and PM snacks - a combined 6.6 grams - so I knew that I'd only need to find a way to get about five grams of fiber between lunch and dinner to meet my goal.

As it turned out, I ate a heavier lunch than I'd anticipated so I skipped my PM snack. I had a soccer game to officiate so that was a reason to skip it as well. Anyway, after lunch I'd consumed about 1,072 calories or so, which frankly is a lot. If I'd have realized that I would have had a 500-calorie plus lunch, I probably would have gone with one serving of cereal instead an extra half and may have gone with a bar altogether. The sweet potatoes after all had a lot of fiber in them, which brings me to the positives. By lunchtime I'd consumed 27 grams of fiber, more than my daily goal. I exceeded that by lunchtime!

It's just sort of hit and miss then, really. I focused on the fiber from the start of the day and I got it but after lunch, with the rest of the day staring at me, I had less than 800 calories to play with.

After my game, I didn't feel much like cooking so we went to Denny's, about the only place we can go with our little ones. I checked the trusty web site and found a couple of good options but I went with the Grilled Chicken Sandwich which has under 500 calories. I opted to get the applesauce but I didn't eat it after all. I knew I had enough calories to splurge so I got some coffee.

Anyway, probably more in detail than you needed but just wanted to walk you through my thought process.

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